About Bearded Bruthers

The Products

If you think we can’t get that beard of yours under control, think again...

Our products have gone through rigorous testing on the toughest beards nature can throw at a man. Wiry beards. Coarse beards. Beards that look like drunken rats built them out of the remains of a discarded scarecrow. And we’ve tamed them all.

So bring it Bruther. We’ll get that beard looking so good you’ll be walking down the street giving your beard testimony to clean shaven guys.

Still not good enough? How’s this: FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the US


The Founding

Okay, time to talk business now...

My name is Tyler Bonney, and I am the founder of Bearded Bruthers. Beards, style, and health have always been things that I greatly value. The idea of Bearded Bruthers had been on my mind for years. Building a network of people with love for beards through social media, high quality beard products, and fashion is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. This idea came about in 2016 when I was a sophomore in college. Due to finishing my college degree, doing an internship, trying to get bills paid, and starting a new full-time job the week after my graduation in 2019, I never got around to starting the company.

In March, 2020, I became very motivated to start Bearded Bruthers. As we all know, March, 2020 is when COVID-19 started to severely impact the world as we know it. The mandated lock-down and quarantine brought unforeseeable circumstances to individuals, families, and businesses across the globe. Due to everything being closed, I was unable to go to the gym, church, a restaurant, or participate in any other activities that I would normally participate in after work or on the weekends. Because that was the case, I took advantage of my free-time on the weekends and worked very hard on putting together this business.

The day my motivation to start Bearded Bruthers returned, I wrote out a strategic plan on how to run this business the right way, and I began to execute. I am now pursuing my dream as a bearded bruther, and it is my hope that others around the world will grow the beard, and grow the brutherhood with me!


Why Bruther with a U?

Believe it or not, Bearded Bruthers did not originally come from having a passion for beards at all. The idea came about at a college party in Boca Raton, FL with my fraternity brother, Dalton Yancey in the fall of 2016. Dalton and I were very close friends, and still are to this day. 

Dalton and I were very active in Sigma Chi, and were very social on our college campus at Florida Atlantic University. If you knew Dalton and I, we loved to call our fraternity brothers “bruther”. Greeting someone as brother with a U was our goofy way of showing that he was a good friend of ours.

When Dalton and I went to this party together in 2016, we had no intention of putting any sort of business model together that day. We planned on going to this small party to have a good time, and then head to a sorority semi-formal with our dates. While we were at this party together, I asked a girl to take a picture of Dalton and I. Her response was “Of course I’ll take a picture for the bearded brothers!” Right when Dalton and I went to say cheese for the camera, our jaws dropped simultaneously. We both had the same idea instantly.

We took the idea and decided to have some fun with it. We made shirts with our faces on them that read Bearded Bruthers across the area of the faces that would have eyes, and we sold them to students on campus. It was really cool seeing someone wearing a shirt with your face on it when walking to class. The fun lasted for a while, and then we both realized we did not really have the time or money to start a legitimate business while being in school.

After Dalton finished school in 2018, moved out of Boca Raton, and began working full time, he told me that Bearded Bruthers was no longer a project that he could pursue. But if I found the passion for it again, he would obviously support it. Thankfully, Dalton still has his beard, and is still a part of the brutherhood!


The Mission and Motto

The Mission: Provide men with resources to grow the ultimate beard!

The Motto: “Grow the Beard. Grow the Brutherhood.”

Every man has the opportunity to grow a beard, so I want to help every man do it the right way. With our organic beard products and our fantastic community on social media, I want every man to grow the best beard possible!